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Albert Henry Payne

London 1812 -
Leipzig 1902

The Englishman Henry Albert Payne was born in London on December 14, 1812. Payne learned the artisan trade of steel engraving, simultaneously he worked in Leipzig as a painter and illustrator.
In 1845 Henry Albert Payne became a citizen of Leipzig, where he founded the publishing company "Englische Kunstanstalt". For his publishing house, Albert Henry Payne produced illustrations for works such as "Payne's Boy", "Dresden Gall", 1845; "Payne's illustrated London", 1846; "Payne's Orbis Pictus", Dresden and Leipzig, 1851, "Payne's Panorama des Wissens und der Gewerbe", Leipzig, 1859.
His oeuvre furthermore included "Rainvilles Garten", around 1850, colorized steel engraving, "Tivoli Theater in Hamburg", around 1860, colorized steel engraving, "Pyrawang in Österreich" (Burg Krämpelstein / Krampelstein also Schneiderburg), approx. 1840, steel engraving, "Stolpen" (Burg), approx. 1840, watercolored steel engraving and "Boston", USA (State Street with Bank and Old State House), approx. 1845, steel engraving.
The artist Albert Henry Payne died on May 7, 1902 in Leipzig.

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